Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Make Chestnuts (not the type you eat)

Chestnuts or Night Eyes "vary in size and shape and are sometimes compared to the fingerprints in humans.[1] For purposes of identification some breed registriesrequire photographs of them among other individual characteristics.[1] However, because chestnuts grow over time and horse grooms often peel or trim off the outer layers for neatness, their appearance is subject to change."  
You will need a nearly prepped horse, modeling paste, toothpicks and a reference picture. 

This is a chestnut on the front leg-

In order to make a chestnut you take your modeling paste on the tooth pick and apply it to your horse's leg-

Make sure to use a reference picture to determine correct placement! It should turn out similar to this (chestnuts are circled in blue)

hind leg

front leg
 As a side note make sure you close your modeling paste up as soon as your done with it! It dries extremely quickly.

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